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Joanna Pieters on your Vitally Productive Type

Most systems give you their rules to get more done.
But chances are, they won’t ever work for you.
Only Vitally Productive clearly shows you how to use your time and energy
in the way that’s most natural for you.

What makes Vitally Productive different

Old productivity theories rely on trial and error, stress and pressure. They issue instructions and tell you that you simply need to follow the rules. They tell you that your friend or colleague is achieving so much more.

Old productivity theories tell you that you’re the problem.

But it’s them, not you.

You have everything you need within you to achieve your goals.
But you need to know how to do it.

Vitally Productive uses neuroscience, behavioural theory, studies in willpower and motivation and many years of management experience to give you a profiling test that’s unlike anything else.
Vitally Productive doesn’t tell you what you should do; instead it tells you how to do it
most effectively and authentically.

Discover your Vitally Productive Type.

Why Vitally Productive changes everything

Vitally Productive is about understanding your strengths, your styles of working, how you focus and how you energise yourself.

When you’re Vitally Productive, you live your life in a way that’s most natural and least stressful.

That doesn’t mean that everything becomes easy. There’s no growth without stretch and courage. But Vitally Productive shows you the most direct path for maximum impact on your life. If you’re committed to growth, this will transform what you achieve.

Vitally Productive is about you. It’s about your life. It’s about how you set goals, how you develop habits and who you surround yourself with. It’s about how you organise yourself, how you acknowledge yourself, and how you keep yourself motivated when things get tough. It’s about your deep inner dreams as well as your short-term aims. It’s about living with purpose.

Discover your Vitally Productive Type to transform what you achieve.
Take the Vitally Productive Assessment.

About Joanna Pieters

Joanna Pieters created Vital Productivity based on her work on neuroscience, willpower, motivation and 20 years of experience helping people get things done. She began her working life as a journalist, becoming editor of an international music magazine at just 26. Fascinated by what makes things happen in business, she took the leap into management, holding senior positions at major UK publishing companies before setting up her own coaching and consultancy company.
She is an MBA from Imperial College London and a qualified coach. Joanna specialises in helping individuals and teams work more effectively by focusing on their energy and understanding their individual working styles.

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