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Words to relight your creative fire, right now 

Then this happened (how not to get a publishing deal)

This was me last Friday. Because this happened. I've been working with the book coach and publisher Alison Jones in a book proposal challenge. She spends two weeks with participants on our ideas, structure and presentation for a business book, providing feedback and...

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We are all making glue

Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks were filled with drawings; ideas for flight, optics, weird engineering solutions. Extraordinarily prescient, yet most things came to nothing in his lifetime. They were just ideas. The other ideas that needed to go with them didn’t yet...

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This is your creative brain – and mine

This is you. This is us. You have a hundred ideas in the shower. You continually see new ways of doing things, presenting ideas, making things  better, changing the world. Your mind races and sings, always joining the dots that other people don’t see. You notice...

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