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Why creatives seem complicated, and how to make sense of us

The beliefs about creatives run something like this: Creatives are spontaneous and wild, and led by their passion. Unless they’re not, in which case they’re disciplined and focused, almost monastic in their dedication. They’re sensitive and empathetic. Or possibly...

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Bless this work: taking time to remember why we create

We were about to start recording for my podcast, when my guest paused for a moment. ‘Let our conversation be of service to all those who need it’, he said, and it felt somehow like a blessing, a presence hovering over us. Dozens of interviews later, I still find...

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Lessons from a Victorian engineer

On a grey London evening in December 1847, eight of Britain’s most celebrated painters were enjoying dinner in a house in one of London’s finest streets. I imagine them, perhaps having nervously dusted off their best evening jackets, scrubbed their hands, but, natural...

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