Creators, we need your strength today

Creators, we need your strength today

I know many of us this week are puzzled. Hurt, or aching, or fearful. Perhaps angry with a world that we don’t feel we belong in. But know this. As a creator, your voice has never been more important. You have energy that the world needs, right now. Energy that can... read more

How cognitive bias can ruin your dinner

I was pacing around my kitchen on Saturday afternoon, trying to motivate myself to make supper and feeling thoroughly, creatively, blue. I tried my normal habit, which is to trace back to what kicked it off. Was it the (perfectly pleasant) conversation with my... read more

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Joanna Pieters has helped hundreds of creative leaders and business owners achieve more, running multi-million-dollar businesses and creating the ground-breaking psychometric assessment Vitally Productive. Sometimes a violinist, writer, and host of The Creative Life Show

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