We love it. Can we replace you with a man?

We love it. Can we replace you with a man?

The board of TV execs seemed so positive. ‘Your presentation was the best one of the last round!’ they said. The film director Elena Rossini had been called back to pitch her documentary on the globalisation of beauty to the most senior figures in the network. She was... read more

What to do when things go wrong

Things go wrong. We make mistakes. We make BIG mistakes. A relationship turns bitter, and you’ve lost a partner, a friend or a colleague. You’re made redundant, and all your self-esteem softens like a plastic spoon on the hot stove. Or the smaller things.... read more

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Joanna Pieters has helped hundreds of creative leaders and business owners achieve more, running multi-million-dollar businesses and creating the ground-breaking psychometric assessment Vitally Productive. Sometimes a violinist, writer, and host of The Creative Life Show

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