How much do we really know each other?

I’ve been immersed this week in a friend’s book – a memoir of a marriage that turned out to be anything but what she thought it was. It’s so far unpublished, though I truly hope it finds a publisher to do it justice. It’s been a... read more

What would you be, if you could be anything?

Last week I went to a major retrospective of American pop artist Robert Rauschenberg at London’s Tate Modern. Rauschenberg was a hugely influential figure in American art, connected with many other artists, musicians and creatives, including a number of dancers and... read more

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Joanna Pieters has helped hundreds of creative leaders and business owners achieve more, running multi-million-dollar businesses and creating the ground-breaking psychometric assessment Vitally Productive. Sometimes a violinist, writer, and host of The Creative Life Show

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