60-minute Coaching

One Hour to Regain Your Peak Performance

You have a picture of how you want your life and your work to be.
You know you could be energised, flowing, motivated.

In that picture you work on things that make you alive. You have quality time with people you love. You overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

Already you’re successful. You’re responsible.
You’re the one people look up to. You’re the one people seek out for 
solutions, motivation, ideas. 

And yet you’re stuck. Caught in circles of daily life and obligations that stifle your genius.
You’re caught up by that unmade decision pulling at your feet like an overgrown bramble.

You’re deafened by the noise of daily life – of your team, your customers, your family, the relentless daily workload, all clamouring for your attention.

You’re drained by continually using your energy just to keep things going.

All the time management books and courses don’t mean a thing when your to-do list looks like yours.

You know it’s not enough to be ordinary. To truly succeed you need to be extraordinary. But for that you need to perform at your peak. And you know, deep down, that’s not happening.

But here’s what you need to know.

Your personality has everything you need to be remarkable. To stand out. To achieve everything you need to.

But you need to know how to use your unique skills, powerfully and effectively.

Why breaking the cycle is so hard to do alone

When you’re standing in a valley, your fastest way out is with a guide on the hill-top to show you the way.

Your brain can’t simultaneously deal with detail and big picture. When you’re bogged down in demands from all sides, it’s almost impossible to see the path that will get you out.

You can sometimes find a route, but it takes time, determination and energy. And those are the very things that are in shortest supply.

How one hour will save you time, money and energy

One hour of private coaching is the fastest way to move forwards with clarity and focus. With the help of powerful techniques to free your thinking, you’ll move from the frustration of where you are now to seeing opportunities you may have not even imagined. You’ll gain insights and breakthroughs around your situation and your own power to take action. Then finally you’re able to identify the exact next steps you need to take, with a practical, focused plan of action.

The most expensive solution is the one you spend hours working on alone, and still not finding.

It’s your choice. Hours of frustration, or 60 minutes of focused, intense work with proven, brain-based tools to transform your situation

Why Vitally Productive coaching works

Coaching with your Vitally Productive type provides a unique, powerful short-cut to personal effectiveness. We’ll use the knowledge of your exact brain patterns to devise strategies and specific plans that work with your brain’s natural preferences, not against them.

When we build on your Vitally Productive type, we can discount most traditional time management or motivation solutions. Most of them will simply add to the frustration you’re already feeling. Instead, we’ll turn to the most effective, powerful solutions for you.

You’ll also get the full benefit of my years of experience running multiple 7-figure companies and large teams, in the UK and across continents, and my learnings as a professional coach and consultant to organisations from small start-up to global corporate.

Regain motivation and focus with a private Vitally Productive Coaching Hour

A Vitally Productive Coaching Hour is a powerful, focused single session for you to break through your blocks and regain motivation and purpose.

We’ll build the session around your personal goal or challenge. The powerful Vitally Productive process means we rapidly create a powerful, personalised pathway to move forwards in a way that suits your deepest preferences.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Coaching Hour:

  • Insights and clarity about your situation, your options and your purpose
  • A full understanding of how to use your personality type to create motivation and focus
  • Powerful insights into how to transform your performance immediately
  • An exact plan for how move forwards powerfully with your current situation or challenge

You’ll get the full benefit of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from 20+ years of helping people become high achievers. Together we’ll use your Vitally Productive Type to make extraordinary progress on the things that are important to you.

A private Coaching Hour with me costs just £197.

Don’t listen to me. Here’s what my clients say:

“Joanna has an incredible ability to focus your mind so that, together, you are able to tease out the essential details of your ‘problem’, whatever it may be. She is friendly and supportive, instilling a confidence which positively encourages you to think bigger and strive that little bit harder – everything seems clearer and more possible after a session with Joanna!”

Suzanne Mitchell, photographer

“For anyone that’s being swamped by the sheer demand of their work and can’t see a way out or for anybody else that needs some help and guidance in achieving their goals, then I would highly recommend Joanna.”

– Rob Paddison, vicar

“After just one session, I felt I knew what were the right decisions to make and where and how to look for the right sort of help.”

Florence Parot, Sophrologist and multi-entrepreneur

Simply click the button to go straight to my diary and book your time. We’ll talk by Skype (video or audio), or phone by prior arrangement. 

Here’s what you could achieve:

  • Gain an hour a day by using your personality type to rocket-power your focus
  • Create a powerful plan to take a ground-breaking proposal to your board
  • Understand why your current recruitment plan is failing, and how to transform it
  • Map out the strategy to bring high-profile investors into your business
  • Understand the habits you need to succeed with the exercise plan you keep abandoning

Why should you work with me?

I’ve helped hundreds of people like you achieve more. I’ve worked with senior leaders and business owners, creative entrepreneurs and visionary individuals with big dreams. I’ve run multi-million dollar businesses and led teams across continents to achieve extraordinary things.

I’m also the creator of the ground-breaking psychometric test Vitally Productive. With it, people achieve extraordinary things using the hidden power of their personality.

Now I want to help you perform at your highest, most natural best.

Still deciding?

Here’s what you might want to know:

How do I prepare for our Coaching Hour?
When you book I’ll simply ask you to give me an idea of what you want to achieve, as that helps us to work really effectively. Before our conversation, it’s ideal if you can spend a few minutes sitting calmly with your thoughts, so we can work with maximum focus. But it’s my job to help you focus on the things that are important to you, and make sure you get the best possible results from our time.
Can I change the time of our Hour?
Life happens, I know. If an emergency happens, you can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance by using my online diary.
I haven't taken the Vitally Productive Assessment yet. Do I need to do that?
Your Vitally Productive Type gives us a powerful short-cut to understanding what gives you motivation and focus. You can book a session without it, but you’ll get far more by taking it in advance. Why wouldn’t you want to know, after all? It’ll take you less than 10 minutes. Click here to take it now.
I don't know what the problem is – I'm just stuck!
That’s fine! That just gives us plenty to dig into in your session. The sooner you book, the sooner we’ll get you moving again. You already have everything you need to be back in flow, and I’ll help you get it working.

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