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For every ‘crazy creative’ on World Mental Health Day

This is love for you on World Mental Health Day, if you’re a creative who struggles sometimes. If anyone has ever called you a ‘crazy creative’. ❤️ This is for you if you’ve thought there’s something ‘wrong’. ⛈ This is love if you’ve wondered why your brain seems so...

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A moment to grow in the changing seasons

September! Do you love it or hate it? For me, I’ve spent this month pulled oh-so-strongly in different directions. Firstly, after the long school holidays - when I spend as much time as I can with my son - I’m thrilled to have more time back. I’m back to my wonderful...

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7 lessons from a liminal space (or a writing retreat)

Last week I took myself off, all by myself, with nothing but my laptop, notes, and a couple of books. I was in search of a liminal space - a place between worlds, almost, where I could join the dots and create. It turned out to be as much of a footpath: a journey...

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