A creative fire doesn’t care how far its light spreads

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

We want to be brilliant as creatives. We want our work to be recognised as having a power, or a force, or an emotion that draws in other people to gather round.

In our vision, our work is a light that reveals something other people haven’t seen before.

But a candle isn’t concerned with lighting up the darkness.

A lightbulb couldn’t care less how far its light goes.

Fires simply burn as fast as they can. That’s the nature of fire; it will use as much energy as it can find. If you feed a fire, it burns faster. If you restrict it, it will gradually fade away.

Creative brilliance comes from within. It’s not about how far you can cast your light, but about how bright you can make it.

To be brilliant, you have to feed your own fire. You have to be giving it fuel: inspiration, discipline, self-belief, learning. Because it’s that will directly impact your the size and power of your creative brilliance.

The most successful magazine editors immerse themselves in their world. The most successful writers read avidly, or paint, or dance. Feeding their fire isn’t optional.

When you choose to light yourself up, you light up the space for others too.


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