Why we’ve got creativity and time management all wrong

by Joanna Pieters | Join her on Facebook here

What the biggest problem bugging you right now?

Whatever it is, I’m betting that there’s one thing you need.

Creative thinking.

If you’re a Vitally Productive Thinker type, one of your strengths is ideas. But are you creating the space you need to put your attention in the right place?

And if you’re a Doer, you’re great at getting on with things. But your big danger is that you feel productive but you don’t get the big shifts you need.

We’ve got creativity and time management all wrong.

Creative thinking isn’t about time.

Creativity is about making new connections between things you already know.

It’s about bursts of energy and insight as you create new wiring in your brain.

It solves problems. Shows us visions. Lifts our energy. Makes things possible.

It doesn’t happen automatically – we know that.

You can set yourself up to do great creative thinking quickly and powerfully. 

I’ve made you a short video that shows you what you need to do to boost your creative thinking TODAY.

There are just 3 points. About what you need instead of time, how to prime your brain to come up with great ideas, and how to ensure those ideas have a future.



What problem are you going to solve with the space to think creatively? Let me know in the comments below what your next step is going to be.

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