Creativity, generosity, joy

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

On an icy January day in 1997, a newborn baby girl arrived home from hospital, to the old Berlin apartment block her parents lived in.

The young man on the ground floor, an aspiring violin maker, had recently finished making a cello. He brought it up the four flights of stairs to her parents’ flat, where, with the coal-stove burning, and with them all wrapped up against the chill, he played the baby a joyful little song to welcome her.

Soon after, the young man got a job in another land, and moved away, taking his cello and his tools with him. The girl grew up, and the years passed.

And then one day her mother remembered the young man and his visit. She found him, now a successful violin maker in London.

She wrote him an email, to tell him that she remembered it, and to say, simply, thank you. Thank you for giving us music that day, for playing your cello to celebrate with us.

And when the violin maker got the email, his eyes were damp, because it had seemed so small, but even the memory made him happy.

The violin maker’s wife saw it (that’s me), and wanted to share it with you.




The more we give of each, the more we have.

Be creative. Express yourself to someone else in the way that’s true to you. Sing. Dance. Read. Use words that make you feel magical. Wear what you love. Cook. Run. Jump. Write a note to someone to tell them you remember.

Because today has magic in it, and you never know when that magic will come back as a spark of joy.

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