Don’t book me. Here’s why.

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

I love doing one-off coaching sessions with my clients. They book a slot, we hop on Skype and we sort out problems such as:

  • How can I get more clients who really value my work?
  • How can I stop being so frustrated with my job?
  • How can I get my message heard by my boss/team/clients?

Together we turn brain-spaghetti into rocket-fuel. (Yes, really). I love how our brains can go from fried and frazzled to totally clear and motivated in just an hour.

But right now there’s a problem.

Medusa hair.

(And yes, this is my problem).

Here’s the thing.

The Creative Life Show, my new podcast, is getting so close to launch.

But then I find myself procrastinating.

I’ll just…

  • call that client to check how things are going
  • rewrite some of my website
  • order a birthday present for my son’s friend

The traditional, and wise, coaching advice is to know your purpose, understand your emotional goal.

I do, and it’s clear.

But sometimes even that doesn’t work.

Sometimes you just need something blunter to get things moving.

So here’s the thing. I REALLY want to get my hair cut.

Because on Skype, I don’t like to turn up to talk to amazing clients looking as though I have a squirrel on my head.

But when I found myself reaching for the phone to book an appointment, I realised I wanted to get my hair cut more than I want to launch my podcast. (Not in the big picture, but at this moment).

And of course I could justify it, as if you book a session with me tomorrow, it might be ALL OVER THE PLACE.

(I’m guessing in fact you probably wouldn’t mind, as it doesn’t usually affect the quality of our conversation, but vanity, you know).

So here’s my big blunt all-else-fails weapon.

No hair cut till my podcast is launched.


Purpose, direction, inner drive is all very well.

But sometimes you just need something to get you over the hump.

What’s going on with you today?

What kind of kick can I give you?

How about…

  • No coffee till you’ve written that report (no matter how much the mind gremlins tell you need it before you can write it).
  • Cancelling the golf day unless you’ve signed one new client (and yes, that means letting down a friend. Incentive, much?)
  • Not even entertaining booking for Coldplay’s next tour unless you’ve written 3 chapters of your book (but, but, but… my husband really wants to go… it may never happen again… Ha. Exactly).

Reward is good. But in the short-term, pain is usually even better.

P-A-I-N. Ideally not a grain of sand in your in your shoe, but a big, scratchy rock in your sock.

And you’ve got to stick with it.

I was determined not to use the old cliche, No Pain, No Gain. But sometimes, well, it just works.

(So if you book in, be warned. If I’m in gym kit, pretending I’ve just come back from a 10-mile run in the rain, don’t be fooled).

Go on, you achiever. Get pain.


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