For every ‘crazy creative’ on World Mental Health Day

This is love for you on World Mental Health Day, if you’re a creative who struggles sometimes.

If anyone has ever called you a ‘crazy creative’. ❤️

This is for you if you’ve thought there’s something ‘wrong’. ⛈

This is love if you’ve wondered why your brain seems so nonconformist or unhelpful. 🌈

Your peculiarly creative brain is different. But it comes with superpowers. 🔥
💛 You may be less likely to be neurotypical: you’re more likely to have ADD or ADHD, for example.
💛 Your brain may be more likely to have mental health disorders. Or that a close member of your family does, which may affect you.
💛 You’re more likely to be wired to have anxiety.
💛 You’re more likely to deal with sensory input differently. You filter out less, take in more, experience more. That makes you able to do what you do! But it can make you more sensitive to stress and overwhelm.
💛 Creative work and workplaces can be spectacularly unsupportive: demanding more work with less money, less time, more pressure.

These things are not weaknesses. They’re superpowers 🌟.
🧡 Your brain was made to see further, be more visionary. It allows you to be a polymath, to make links, to have ideas, to turn unrelated ideas into new projects.
🧡 You were made to be empathetic, perceptive, insightful.
🧡 You were made to thrive in flow, in immersion in ideas and making things new and better.
🧡 You are not made like everyone else. Your strength is the way you are.

But if this is hard…
There are people there for you. You are not meant to suffer for your work 🌧.
💜 Let’s support those of us who write, paint, design, produce, imagine, move, research, provoke and disrupt.
💜 Let’s support each other in our workspaces, in our homes, in our interactions. Let’s help each other create the spaces that reduce stress and overwhelm, and increase our focus and vision.
💜 You have the right to find and build the environment that supports you. To have help and support. You have the right to health in all its forms.

Love to you today, wherever you are in body and soul.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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