My podcast tech for The Creative Life Show

Tech and podcasting are like tea and cake: essential partners. But so often I see would-be podcasters get stuck for weeks, or months, on podcast tech.

The truth is: it doesn’t matter that much.

If you’re just starting out, you need something that sounds ok, won’t break the bank, and that’s easy to use. There are lots of options available, and many of them are absolutely fine. That means that the additional benefit you’ll get from spending an extra week on research isn’t likely to be great.

Here’s the podcast tech I use for The Creative Life Show.

Context: The Creative Life Show is an interview-based show. I record it via Skype in a home office which is fairly quiet and with good sound damping. Generally I record remotely, although I occasionally do it in person.

Podcast Recording tech

Via Skype: Samson Q2U USB/XLR Microphone with HP20 Headphones, with desk stand and pop-filter.

Skype recordingCall Recorder by Ecamm. This records each side of the conversation separately, so it makes editing a much easier job, particularly if one side is noisier, has sound problems, or you have a guest with a persistent cough.

In person: Zoom H1 Recorder plus two standard lapel mics.

Basic headset recommendation for guests: Logitech H340 USB Headset for PC and Mac. This is what I recommend if someone hasn’t got something already. It’s fine, it does the job, and it’s fairly low-priced.


Editing tech

I normally outsource episode editing to a terrific editor, but when I do it myself, I use Audacity, which is a free, easy to use programme. When I do it myself, I also run it through Auphonic to help with sound balance.


I use Awesound, which has several levels of service, including a free level for a single podcast.

From Awesound, it’s fed to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and my website.

Organising the podcast

Booking in guests: Acuity Scheduling, with Zapier to integrate with ActiveCampaign. I love ActiveCampaign – it’s at the heart of so much I do in my business, and it saves me a huge amount of time and stress.

Keeping track of guests: spreadsheet.

Communication with guests: email and shared Dropbox files.

And that’s my podcasting tech!


Some of these links are affiliates, but since I only use services I trust, I’m very happy to recommend them.

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