The experiment that changed everything – and my thank you

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

6 months ago I sent out the first version of Vitally Productive to a few friends and colleagues.

It was an experiment. An idea that if you combine your fundamental personality preference with proven techniques for powerful motivation, focus and achievement, you can achieve things you hadn’t thought possible.

Because you’re extraordinary. 

But old-school time management doesn’t work.

And we’re surrounded by the noise of the ‘one’ way of getting more done.

I knew there had to be a more successful way.

A better way of achieving more, with less stress and overwhelm.

20+ years of helping people transform what they achieve with their time and energy went into creating an assessment that I wanted to answer everyone’s question: what will make me more successful?

So I tried out Vitally Productive on people I trusted.

I was blown away by the response. The enthusiasm, the suggestions, the energy, the feedback.

I’ve been awed and humbled by what’s happened with Vitally Productive since then.

Hundreds of people around the world have discovered how their Vitally Productive type can help them achieve more, with less stress, better health and better relationships. I’ve run workshops from global corporate to small local cafes. I’ve worked privately with business owners, senior leaders, writers and influencers to help them perform at their best.

I’ve had journalists contacting me, and had some awesome media coverage (with more exciting projects in the pipeline).

But one thing was missing.

There hasn’t been an easy way for you to work with me directly, without a long-term commitment.

Although long-term coaching is hugely effective, sometimes all you need is one, powerful session.

I wanted to give you an an easy way to get support for integrating Vitally Productive into your life for powerful personal change.

So I’m launching just that. The chance to have a single, focused private session.

One hour. You. Me. Skype or phone.

Easy to book, with no long-term commitment.

That’s 60 minutes to truly understand how to use your personality powers to transform what you achieve in your daily life.

60 minutes to break through that decision that you’re struggling to make, but you know is essential.

60 minutes to create a plan to beat the overwhelm that’s killing what you achieve.

60 minutes to transform how you motivate yourself by digging deep into your Vitally Productive assessment and how it changes everything about your inner energy.

Let some of my clients tell you what to expect.

Rob Paddison was battling overwhelm in a high-profile leadership role, and wasn’t even sure how to fit in our time together. But now he says, ‘For anyone that’s being swamped by the sheer demand of their work and can’t see a way out or for anybody else that needs some help and guidance in achieving their goals, then I would highly recommend Joanna.’

Suzanne Mitchell, a successful London photographer, came to me in the throes of a major business change. She writes, ‘Joanna has an incredible ability to focus your mind so that, together, you are able to tease out the essential details of your ‘problem’, whatever it may be. Everything seems clearer and more possible after a session with Joanna!’

Multi-business owner Florence Parot wanted to work out clear practical steps for big progress. She told me, ‘After just one session, I felt I knew what were the right decisions to make and where and how to look for the right sort of help.’

A one-hour session is going to cost £197.

But I want to celebrate and thank you. So I’m making 10 slots available at a fraction of the price just for those of you who’ve been with me in these early days.

Ten spots at just £39 each. 

That’s a whole hour focused on you and what you want to achieve. Me using the knowledge and skills I’ve gained over decades of helping people transform what they get done. You coming out with clarity, purpose and a clear plan (if that’s what you want).

If you’re frustrated with not achieving the things you know you can, if you’re tense and sleepless because of that unmade decision, if you need a new approach, if you want to get more done while staying true to yourself, book yourself in now.

I guarantee our time together will make a fundamental shift for you. And if you don’t feel it’s worth every penny, I’ll give you your money back.

Click here to go straight to my booking page, and choose the the time that’s right for you. You’ll get purpose, clarity and an action plan.

Why am I doing this, when I could be focused on my long-term clients or workshops? Because the last 6 months couldn’t have happened without you. I’m incredibly grateful to you for trying out Vitally Productive, and for all the feedback and comments I’ve had in that time. And I want to devote this time to giving something back.

Book now. When I’ve done the ten at this price, I’ll have to put the price up to £197. Which will still be fantastic value for what you’ll learn about how to transform what you achieve. But isn’t £39 even better?

You’re extraordinary. Don’t waste your energy on anything that isn’t serving your best purpose.


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