What to do when things go wrong

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Things go wrong. We make mistakes. We make BIG mistakes.

A relationship turns bitter, and you’ve lost a partner, a friend or a colleague. You’re made redundant, and all your self-esteem softens like a plastic spoon on the hot stove.

Or the smaller things. The promised review doesn’t appear, or the writer hates your work. The posters have the wrong date on, though you checked and re-checked.

The glaze cracks at the final stage. The agent says ‘no’ in the last conversation.

You demand, what went wrong? What should you have done, or where have you failed? And perhaps, who else has done it wrong? Who else can you find to share the responsibility?

But you’re asking the wrong question

You need to ask this instead:

‘What I have I learned?’


‘What will I do differently next time?’

If you don’t learn and move forwards, you can’t grow or heal. You can’t change your own world, never mind anyone else’s.

Learning is success. Knowing how to improve is success. And that means any loss has within it the seeds for growth.


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