This is your creative brain – and mine

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

This is you. This is us.

You have a hundred ideas in the shower. You continually see new ways of doing things, presenting ideas, making things  better, changing the world.

Your mind races and sings, always joining the dots that other people don’t see.

You notice things that other people don’t. How the blackbird on the chimney is calling to the one in the tree. Exactly how to join the frames in a scene. The precise angle that the lintel joins the roof. You find the story that’s hidden by daily life, the way that sound and rhythm combine, how words lift mood or how shifting an image will transform it.

Your ideas don’t fit into neat little grey cabinets.

You need structure and form to bring things to life, but you fight being constrained.

You can see the light falling on water, but you can miss the puddle in front of you.

You can love until it hurts, but fail to see that you’ve neglected people you love in your creative obsession.

You need to make a difference so powerfully that it can push you into inaction.

You can hold a senior, responsible job, but as you climb the career ladder, having your wings clipped by the wrong environment can make you truly miserable.

You might be creating your own art, but frustrated by the demands of making it real, making a living, getting it out there.

You can be an inspiring leader of others, visionary and motivating, but you can also be overwhelmed by doubt about your direction or purpose.

You create, all the time! Except when you no longer allow yourself to… because sometimes, the pressure of the world to conform is just too strong.

You want to be more sensible, grounded, wise… except that you don’t, because that would change everything that’s wonderful about you.

You are a Highly Creative Person.

We are Inner Originals.

Join us.

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