Vitally Productive Power Coaching Programme

An extended coaching series for powerful, sustainable change
to the way you live and work

Are you ready to commit your energy and focus to reach your full potential, healthily and sustainably?

The Vitally Productive Power Coaching Programme includes

  • 12 private coaching sessions with me by Skype or phone, focused entirely on you and your growth, using your Vitally Productive type to underpin our work
  • Email access to me for the duration of your coaching period
  • Optional recording of all sessions

We’ll begin with an in-depth session on your Vitally Productive Assessment. We ensure your Vitally Productive Type is correct and connect it to your personal values, purpose and strengths. Building on those insights, we’ll then set two or three significant goals where success would have the greatest impact on your work or life.

During the coaching sessions, I’ll empower you, challenge you, support you, be a sounding board or experienced advisor.

Each session will include:

  • Practical steps towards your goals
  • Developing new habits that support your Vitally Productive Type
  • Support, encouragement and challenge

You’ll also receive the following benefits:

  • Full membership of Brilliant Hiring, my unique online course on building a team
  • 50% off any of my own online courses booked directly with me within 12 months
  • 50% off my own public workshops and webinars for 12 months
  • Discounts on team and corporate workshops booked with me within 12 months

What makes Vitally Productive Power Coaching different

Most change doesn’t last because it doesn’t suit your personality, your brain’s wiring or your working style. In contrast, Vitally Productive Power Coaching allows you to make sustainable, healthy change in your work and your life. We’ll choose actions and tools that are fully aligned to your type, and develop habits that have the greatest chance of success. By understanding your Vitally Productive type you’ll learn why previous attempts at making change may not have worked, and what you can do differently for lasting success.

Vitally Productive coaching isn’t a fluffy, feel-good programme. It’s focused on you achieving clear goals in your life and work, underpinned by healthy, sustainable change. It will provide stretch and reward; challenge and enormous growth.

Why work with me?

I created Vitally Productive having seen the impact of stress and burnout on business leaders and owners. In 15 years in senior leadership positions in corporate and small companies, I realised how ineffective or even damaging most productivity training is, and yet how essential it is that we find ways to grow effectiveness and resilience in today’s leaders. Since then I’ve worked with clients in multiple sectors, from BP to solo business owners, to make powerful, effective changes in their life and work.

My work combines my years of experience, an MBA, professional coaching training with the NeuroLeadership Group, and the latest research in willpower, motivation and brain science, to help high-performing people find effective ways to make their life richer and more rewarding by understanding their unique working style.

Are you ready to discover what you can really achieve?

Your investment in your future: £2000, or 3 payments of £685.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll arrange our first session. I know how personal coaching is, so you can cancel at any time in the first two sessions, and I’ll refund your entire fee.

What other people say

“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Joanna during the past few months. She’s been fantastic at helping me think through challenges/blocks that I’m currently facing and helping me look at these from different angles, as well as coming up with a way forward! She’s extremely professional and has great empathy.
She also creates a safe space where one can openly talk and be listened to in a confidential manner.
Thank you Joanna for your support!”

– Rocio, London

“Joanna asks the incisive questions. She establishes what needs doing; helps you to see what needs doing and helps you to put the right steps in place to reach your goal. Joanna is supportive and encouraging.
For anyone that’s being swamped by the sheer demand of their work and can’t see a way out
or for anybody else that needs some help and guidance in achieving their goals,
then I would highly recommend Joanna to anybody.”

– Revd Rob Paddison

“Joanna is a highly-skilled and intuitive coach. I have deep respect and admiration for how she was able to help me clarify, brainstorm, and navigate new opportunities for myself. Whenever I felt stuck, she was able to help me see beyond the ‘stuckness’ and imagine realistic and new options. Beyond her skill,
Joanna has a presence that was easy for me to feel safe and comfortable
exploring potentially difficult terrain.”

– Kathryn Holt


How long do coaching sessions last?
The first session is up to 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions are normally between 1 and 1 ¼ hours.
Where and when does coaching take place?
Sessions are normally during UK working hours, with evening sessions sometimes available by agreement. We work together on Skype or phone. By using Skype, we can schedule sessions no matter where your life or work takes you. You simply need to have a space where you can talk privately and without interruption. Where Skype isn’t possible, we can arrange for you to phone me instead. Skype also allows us to share documents where useful, in an instant, confidential environment.
How often are coaching sessions?
We arrange them at a time to suit you. For fast progress, you can choose weekly sessions, or fortnightly ones for more time to take action and develop new habits. Your 12 sessions can be spread over up to 8 months to allow for travel and other commitments.
My travel commitments make scheduling sessions hard – can I change things?
You’ll have access to my online scheduler to rearrange sessions if you can’t make them. I ask for 48 hours notice except in emergencies. That allows me to free slots for other clients, so everyone has maximum chance to work around their other commitments.
Can I have in-person sessions?
I offer all-day private Vitally Productive Power Days around the London area and occasionally elsewhere, where we do in-depth work on your life, work, motivation and goals. Contact me for further information.
Is it possible to have a single session?
You can book a Vitally Productive Blast of Insight, a 90-minute session where we look at your current challenge, your options and work out a clearly defined plan of action. Contact me for further information.
Will there be work between sessions?
Each session, we’ll agree actions for you to take before our next conversation. These may be practical steps, reflection or building a habit. I may sometimes ask you to do specific exercises to support you on your journey.
What's your refund policy?
Since coaching is very personal, I’ll give you a full refund at any point until 24 hours after your second session.
Other questions?

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