Your free Christmas Cheatsheet for your best-ever festive season

by Joanna Pieters | Follow her on Facebook here

Last night we put up our tree, with the help of our four-year-old, his cousin, and a delivery from our favourite Indian restaurant.

And I thought: what if the rest of Christmas was that relaxed?

Understanding how your personality gets things done (and what you need to avoid) can make any situation less stressful and more fun.

So I’ve created a cheat-sheet to show you how to have your best ever Christmas. It tells you what to focus your energy on. I show you what brings out your inner Grinch, and give you a quick fix for when it all gets too much.

Vitally Productive Christmas Cheatsheet

You might also discover why you and your partner, mother, brother or colleague have such a different approach to getting things done under pressure…

Grab your Vitally Productive Best-Ever Christmas Cheatsheet here.

You’ll also want to check your own Vitally Productive type with the Vitally Productive assessment here – it’ll take you less than 5 minutes. And sharing it with friends and family might just give you a whole new conversation over the turkey!

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